AREVIO® EIOPA Edition implements smoothly Solvency II, IORP II and National Specific Template (NST). It is a standalone application that supports the edition, the display and the validation processes of European XBRL reports. It is based on AREVIO®, an open source project.

AREVIO® is XBRL Certified Software. This guarantees compliance with the XBRL standard.

The solution is taxonomy-agnostic: it implements any XBRL, and therefore in particular those from the EIOPA, the EBA or the ESMA.

Acsone aims to provide usability, performance and functional needs coverage for reporting production. The support for QRT Excel files for the drafting and the displaying of cells in error in Excel are among the improvements brought by the Acsone' solution.

No license fee, but a yearly subscription is charged in order to ensure the required maintenance and support.


They already trust us for their "Solvency II" regulatory reports