In 2017, the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) decided to uniformize business reporting format on XBRL standard. For insurance companies, this concerns in particular Solvency II (SII), Interest Rate Risk (IRR) and Primary Financial Statement (PFS, Central Balance Sheet Office) reporting; for pension funds, IORPII.
You are maybe concerned by the implementation of one of these reports (or all of them). This is not an issue for Acsone, as we have developed one solution that provides the same features for all the three types of report. Its name is Arelle, Solvency II Edition. It displays, drafts, validates XBRL reports; providing Excel support and OneGate encapsulation, whatever the type of report.

The impact of regulatory reporting on your organization, maybe

  • makes you rethinking your reporting process in order to be much closer from your business applications or
  • as you have already most of  the business data needed to generate your XBRL reports, makes you thinking to transform these data into XBRL format without manual encoding.

If this is the case, we have already all what you need: a smart converter from your data source into XBRL format. It works in both directions: from CSV to XBRL and from XBRL to CSV; this direction is useful to extract easily data from XBRL report.

Acsone’s vision is to provide filing organizations solution to produce XBRL reports on an efficient, intuitive, open and robust way. Icing on the cake, it works for any taxonomies on the same way.