Edit and validate CRD IV, SRF and LDR regulatory reports with the same tool

One light, cost effective, intuitive, trusty solution
quick to implement

Our solution for banks and investment firms supports XBRL taxonomies published by EBA and SRB. Its name is Arelle® EBA Edition or AREBA for short.  

AREBA provides a light, intuitive User Interface that supports the edition and validation processes of XBRL reports. It is a native XBRL solution that hides XBRL formatting to the user.  When the user triggers validation, he gets an immediate feedback on the figures that do not pass some validation rules so that he/she can immediately take corrective actions. AREBA supports Excel.

AREBA already covers the latest version of the CRD IV (Capital Requirement) taxonomies (2.8), of the SRF (Single Resolution Fund) taxonomy (3.0.1) and of the LDR (Liability Data Report) taxonomy (3.0.2).

A yearly subscription ensures the necessary maintenance and support. It covers modifications linked to new versions of the taxonomies or to filing rules changes.

It is based on  AREVIO®, an open source project consisting of  a standalone application that supports the edition, the displaying and the validation processes of Solvency II reports.


They already trust us for their CRD IV, SRF and LDR regulatory reports

Features of AREVIO CRD IV SRB edition

XBRL edition
Create, edit and display EBA XBRL reports (available for taxonomies using Table Linkbase rules)

Special features for the edition

  • Find heading/values in tables
  • Tooltips to display long labels
  • Support for editing open X/Y/Z axis
  • Display raw values of fact
  • Hide/Display XBRL taxonomy information
  • Enhanced table display speed
  • Global report context data change (date, currency, …)
  • Enhanced display of tables with 100+ open lines
  • Table scrolling
Save as HTML for one table/whole XBRL report
Excel support for business templates (QRT)
Export selected tables into Excel file
Import selected tables from Excel file
Control of the imported values
XBRL validation
Support for Formula linkbase 
Validation of the whole document
Validation by table
Contextual (in table) display of validation errors including formula binding values
Interactive activation/deactivation of validation rules
Display of formula execution times
Enhanced validation speed
CRD IV, SRF and LDR features
Support for EBA disclosure system
Support for filing indicators
Wizard for creation of CRD IV report
Enforcement of the constraints on figures from EBA disclosure system
Delivered "read to go", with CRD IV/SRF/LDR taxonomies and deactivated rules
Support for any CRD IV/SRF/LDT taxonomies and versions 
National Authories support
Save as file following the CSSF file naming conventions + CSSF plausibility check
XBRL specification support
Support for Dimension/Formula/Table/Presentation/Computation Linkbases 
Support for taxonomy packages