Philippe Fontaine, Managing Director

Upon earning his Masters in Engineering from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 1986, Philippe Fontaine started his career in Information Technology as a consultant and project leader at the European Space Agency. In 1993, he joined an IT services company, ACSE, that specialized in content management where he held various operational, commercial, and management positions.

Since 1999, when ACSE was acquired by Software AG, Philippe has been developing an international career full of multiple experiences. He went on to become of Software AG’s Senior Vice President of Consulting Services in Benelux and the Nordic countries. In 2011, with his colleagues from the Managed Buy-Out, he created Acsone.

Dedicating himself and his company to the needs of his customers has been Philippe’s mission throughout his career. His fundamental values of commitment to customer, quality, trust, integrity and professionalism are the very cornerstones of Acsone’s daily operations. Through his multiple professional experiences in international IT service organizations, Philippe has acquired the skill sets, knowledge of the business, and the maturity needed to lead Acsone, together with a reliable and trustworthy team, toward unbounded success.

Stéphane Bidoul, Operations Director

With over twenty years experience in the field of Software Engineering, Stéphane is a versatile manager with a deep understanding of software engineering methods and technology. As former Global Consulting Manager at Software AG Belgium and Luxemburg, Stephane has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects related to the daily operation of Acsone including but not limited to resource management and allocation, project follow-up, as well as administration and invoicing.  With deep technical expertise, Stephane is also the one who challenges our architects to design IT systems that are reliable and time-resistant.

In addition to his operational responsibilities, Stéphane also takes charge of leading and inspiring our employees and the organization as a whole.  He accomplishes this, not only in specific departments, but also on a continual basis throughout the design and implementation of all our customers’ solutions.

Jean-Christophe Castiaux, Line Manager

With over 15 years of professional experience, Jean-Christophe has been involved in numerous projects aimed at delivering high-level business and technical solutions designed to exceed our customers’ expectations. As a line manager, Jean-Christophe is now working in close partnership with our customers and prospects. Together, they address critical pain points and elaborate solutions based upon business processes and perfectly integrated within the IT landscape.

Carmelina Casula, Line Manager

For more than 20 years, Carmelina has been active at the crossroad of Information Technologies and Business Analysis. Her extensive expertise, both functional and sectorial, has positioned Carmelina as a key thought leader within Acsone’s management team. Carmelina’s expertise includes: software engineering, project leadership, program management, contractual follow-up, resources allocations and business development. In addition to her functional expertise, Carmelina has developed a deep business and technical knowledge in the following sectors: e-government, energy and utilities (both public and private), and pharmaceutical sectors.

Carmelina holds a master degree in Computer Sciences from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and is a passionate problem solver in constant search for the optimal IT solutions to transform her clients’ most difficult business challenges into sizable opportunities.

Jean-Paul Daisomont, Line Manager

Jean-Paul has a Master’s degree in Information Technology and in Economics and more than twenty years experience in management of business solutions based upon Information Technologies (IT). His expertise regards chiefly IT projects over editorial area (15 years), specifically in the European budgetary area since 1996. He is in charge of the Professional Service Department in the premises of Luxembourg since 2002.

Jean-Paul has expertise in several areas, amongst which ascertaining and formulating technical solutions – in particular in the editorial, budgetary and legal areas – or translating strategy or business needs into an efficient system or tools. He has also worked in organizing and planning the staging under complex conditions of production, while maintaining visibility of the state of progress of the task and ensuring the uniform quality of the end-product. His skills in coaching and team building enable Jean-Paul to address positively the human factor vital even within technical environments and projects.