Facing new requirements of speed, availability and simplicity, the public sector must review their approach to service and internal procedures. Administrative simplification and e-Government aim to reduce administrative burdens for citizens and all users of public services and facilitate the administrative formalities.

Acsone, with its strong e-Government track record, supports the public sector in designing and implementing solutions that facilitate the delivery of a large range of services to end users of the administrations.

Citizen Relationship Management

e-Government is about improving customer service (Citizen and Enterprise) and CRM with B2B  and B2C aspects is a fundamental component in this strategy.

Today, the need for unique referentials that support business applications is obvious. These unique referentials are materialized through centralized CRM systems interconnected with authentic sources. They are key aspects within the communication improvement process as they help to personalize the relationship with the citizen in order to increase his/her satisfaction (information provided once, reused in several administrative formalities).

At Acsone, we promote this approach and we deliver systems that play a key role in the administrations IT landscape. For example, we delivered a system enabling enterprises to have a privileged contact with an employement agency,and a personal workplace that enables the citizen to manage CV.

Workflow and business process automation

For many years, Acsone has been actively involved at the European, federal, regional and local administrations levels.  Together with the business experts of the administrations, we define and implement collaborative systems that automate repetitive tasks, facilitate manual work, and integrate the document flows with the “business” data management (business dossiers management).

Our long-term partnerships with the public sector actors enabled us to acquire in-depth knowledge of specific public services (budgetary processes, employment, energy, federal and regional regulation authorities…).

Our wide scope of services include:

  • Dematerialization of procedures (implementation of paperless procedures);
  • Elaboration of collaborative applications for case management (back-offices);
  • Integration with public systems (authentic sources, fedcom, administrations partners, …);
  • Implementation of documents and content management systems integrated with business processes.

Smart Forms for Administrative processes

Smart Forms for Administrative processes are the most important interface between the administration and the citizen. Providing intelligent forms helps improve:

  • The citizen’s satisfaction by providing on-line services that help to increase the quality of the requested information and the transparency of the administrative processes;
  • The responsiveness of the administrations due to the integration of the whole form process with existing business applications.

Acsone has developed in-depth expertise by building efficient and intelligent forms that have an important added value in the whole administrative business process and they play a central role in the administrative simplification objectives.

Acsone uses an agile methodology based on the following steps:

  • Analysis of the business process triggered by the form
  • Requirements gathering thanks to interviews of representative users of the administrative services
  • Readability analysis and simplification of the documents and forms
  • e-Forms prototyping
  • e-Forms implementation and integration with business applications (back-offices)

For most of the forms, we use the product FormPublisher from J-Way that provides the necessary flexibility and efficiency when implementing these electronic forms.