Documents and Contents are high value resources in a company. However managing these documents or contents is often a nightmare for many companies: entire departments dedicated to their production and time lost to rewrite existing content, search for content, adapt documents to new formats of publications, etc.

Acsone has 20 years of expertise in developing IT solutions which integrate business processes and their associated documents to reach business-critical challenges. 

Document management

Acsone offers specific expertise on implementing tailor-made systems based on state-of-the-art technology stacks. Our solutions answer the issues to which the organisations usually face:

  • Enhance and assure compliancy of their documentation with ever- stricter regulations;
  • Enable reuse of back-office data within business documents to avoid writing the same content in distinct contexts;
  • Enable several stakeholders in different locations to work simultaneously on the same content;
  • Ensure the standardization and the coherence among your documents;
  • Store, retreive and classify hundreds / thousands of documents;
  • Manage heavy documents;
  • Lower the translation costs of your documents.


Acsone relies on best-of-breed technology to propose sophisticated functionality for the documents management. Open source Enterprise Content Management provides now the foundation to solve the challenges such as Document Management, Records Management, Collaboration, Process Management and Mobile Content management.

We build your document management system using the leading open-source ECM platform Alfresco. This moderm platform combined with our Document and Content management ability lead to provide our customers the best system to meet their needs.

Content management

We go beyond the classical approach by leveraging your documents and content at the maximum in order to optimize the involved business processes.

Our solutions are based on structured content technologies that start with an essential step within the content optimization path: the structuration and organization of your documents or contents into a collection of fine-grained and reusable contents with high semantic value (Content Modeling).

Structured content technologies enable organizations and businesses to be able to:

  • Optimize content modifications and translations;
  • Collaborate on fine-grained Content;
  • Disseminate content on  multi-format;
  • Personalize content.
We use the following technologies in order to implement this kind of solutions:

Structured content technologies are mainly based on XML standards

DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is the most appropriate standard for setting up and organizing enterprise documents because it can be customized with ease to better manage specific business functions and domains. Many corporate enterprises today are using DITA because it facilitates easier content creation, reuse, and repurposing.
Discover our services offering around DITA:
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