Our services offering around DITA

During a one-day workshop, we gather stakeholders to identify critical pain points, define goals, and prioritize deliveries for content oriented projects based on expected Return on
The workshop facilitates the deep exploration of your information production chain to gain a unified understanding. The objectives aim to define the requirements for a pilot of a DITA Deployment Project. Attendees will address subjects such as current organizational aspects and processes as well as the technology blueprints and roadmap needed to support the SCM (Structured Content Management System).
Workshop results are compiled and documented into a detailed presentation that focuses specifically on the selected pilot project and its key success factors.

Once the pain points have been prioritized, we either run a short standard project if a specific tool already exists to address well defined requirements; or we undertake a customized project when no specific tools can solve critical pain points.  Acsone’s proven Project Management methodology and track record guarantee the success of your project whatever its complexity.

In addition or in complement to our client services, we also provide a training for authors and a training for technical experts.

  • The authors’ training targets writers who will be creating DITA specific, topic-based content. Authors will learn how to organize information into topics, create Concept, Task, and Reference topics and finally, sequence them to create multiple maps and outputs.
  • The training course for technical experts is intended to help attendees master the basic DITA 1.2 features necessary for new domains. Attendees will then learn how to tailor the output formats and write domain-specific validation rules.

We provide expertise services in DITA and in Structured Content Management. Our services cover content modeling and specialization, content conversion development, assistance in business process requirements, assistance in selection of tools (authoring tools, CMS,….).