Delegation of IT skills

Our delegation services provide you with a comfortable and flexible solution when you are initiating or executing IT projects.  You will benefit from a reliable partnership based on our combined expertise in executing and managing IT projects and in selecting the most appropriate resources. The delegation of our IT colleagues at your premises is accessible for both short and longer periods, which brings the greatest flexibility along with your projects.

Acsone IT*People, your partner for IT delegation

From now on we are fully able to propose all IT profiles required within your organization. These profiles range from IT implementation (project managers, business analysts, IT architects, developers, testers, quality managers, ...) to IT operations (system administrators, network administrators, helpdesk and user support, ...).

Our department Acsone IT*People will provide you with the skills that you really need and when you need them. We will free you from HR hiring nightmare such as the recruitment campaign organization, long resource selection process, contract negotiation, as well as from the lack of flexibility of today's employees' contracts.

Our expertize (more than 25 years) in IT projects and operations enables us to perfectly understand your needs and to select for you the best fitting profiles that will integrate smoothly into your IT team.  Our goal is to provide the competency and smile, while guaranteeing you a very competitive and reliable price.

Acsone's competency centers

All our staff benefits from our long experience and expertise in different IT domains.  We encourage constantly our colleagues to leverage this expertise by sharing ideas, methods, best practices and techniques within our competency centers (for example Java/HTML5, Odoo/Python, Linux/Windows, ...).  This enables our delegated staff to continuously benefit from experts' advices, ask questions and provide our customers with the best value for money.

When should I go for delegation of personnel ?

Namely when you face the following challenges :

  • You have a need for a specific skill, but you know that it is a one-off mission ;
  • You are not able to commit for a long-term hiring but you need some additional resources now ;
  • You need very specific skills for a particular domain ;
  • You have to recruit IT resources immediately and you don't have time to pass through your organization recruitment process ;
  • Your budget is short, and you search for the best ROI ;
  • You cannot afford to lose time selecting and interviewing people amongst hundreds of CV's ;
  • You need to define a complete budget including human resources costs for the deployment of an IT solution ;
  • You want project professionals that will guarantee the respect of the deadlines and avoid time shifts due to unexpected sick leaves, holidays, ...
When you face one of these issues, Acsone IT People can help you by providing within days one or several resources meeting exactly your expectations.

You're a consultant or an interested company?

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