Arelle, CBI NST Edition, benefits from the improvements Acsone has brought to implement Solvency II and CRD IV reporting. All our solutions are taxonomy agnostic. They share the same technical platform. In consequence, they are robust and the maintenance is effortless. 

The production taxonomy version 1.0.1 is released on 11 March. Its support by Arelle, CBI NST Edition, is immediate. 

Acsone Business Reporting solutions are based on  Arelle , an open source project. It is a standalone application that supports the edition and the validation processes of National Specific Templates reports from the Central Bank of Ireland. Acsone improvements consist of increasing usability and functional coverage of Arelle : support for QRT Excel files and highlight of cells containing validation errors are such improvements. 

Arelle is largely used by XBRL experts, software editors and national supervisors. This large spectrum of users guarantees  compliance with the XBRL standard .

Customization to your requirements can be implemented by adding plugins.

There are no license fees, but a yearly subscription that ensures the required maintenance and support.