The Challenge

For most of the public sector organisations, the publication of the budget is an annual challenge that must comply with a complex budgetary procedure involving several institutions.

To support this process, the application must be capable of:

  • covering the contribution of all the parts involved in the budget procedure and simultaneously avoiding any double entry of data
  • adapting to the specifics of each budgetary step; within one step it will take into account the specific decision steps
  • offering to each user a workspace where he safely manages his data while comparing the own position to the public viewpoints of the other protagonists
  • covering at the same time the management needs and the budgetary edition needs; it will help making simulations and future projections; it will have a flexible and customisable reporting system
  • explaining the changes occurring during the lifecycle of the budget line
  • controlling the global advancement of the budget production while reporting the problem budget lines
  • tracking the changes applied to the budget nomenclature
  • easily adapting to the changes and being open to pre-existing management systems and to productivity tools

The Solution: Budget Application Framework 

The BAF offers all the tools to support the budget processes in a secured and traceable manner. 

The offered solution is adjustable to any organisation, to any step of the budget procedure, to any kind of contribution. It is the result of 15 years of experience in the budget domain, 15 year during which we have learned that the humans should not comply with the tool constraints, but that the tools should incorporate the quality and speed requirements of the decision makers.

More than the tools, Acsone has worked out an original way of thinking that makes it possible to quickly build solutions for supporting the constraints of the processes, the organisation procedure, the budget documents to be produced and the data of the systems to be integrated.

The BAF is an open, agile and extensible solution. It relies on open technologies like Java, HTTP and XML. All these components are implemented in Java. They are highly portable and they may run on most of the application servers and operating systems of the market.

Establishing a budget requires a method

The BAF splits up the procedure into phases. A phase is an instant in the procedure where a group of contributors accomplish similar actions. The elaboration of the initial proposal of the departments, the review of this proposal, the Council of Government, the parliamentary procedure are examples of a phase. Generally speaking, the phases follow each other but they may also take place contemporaneously. At the beginning of each phase, the user receives the data prepared by the previous contributors, he adds his contribution building in that way his viewpoint, his position, that he may make public (diffusion) and transmit to the next contributors in the chain. At the end of the chain, we find back the adopted Budget

The closing of a phase, a highlight

The BAF manages this moment with a special care. The closing may take place for a single budget line, for a budget line group or even for the whole budget. The end of a phase usually involves tasks that aim at making the own position public. Some modifications may arrive after the transmission of the position; in this case, the BAF will reopen the affected phase. Once the correction has been performed, the corrector may publish the corresponding corrigendum and transmit to the next contributor his new position.

The budget, a collaborative work result

 The BAF perceives the budget procedure like a collaborative work where different contributions are interwoven; they encompass the definition and the justification of the asked needs, the validation and the control of the request, the negotiation, the publication of the draft budget, the parliamentary procedure by amendments and finally the publication of the adopted Budget. The BAF brings structure and control to this work. The BAF is an application aimed at covering most of the business processes around the budget procedure.

The budget is built on figures and nomenclatures

The BAF manages the budget information as a subtle mix of figures, text and codes, the whole forming the budgetary management data disseminated in one or more budget nomenclatures and budget documents.

The BAF associates one base budget nomenclature with several secondary nomenclatures. The base nomenclature is the reference for all contributors to the budget procedure; it is also the one that will be found back in the accounting system when the budget is executed. The secondary nomenclatures are those that are added according to the statistical, economic and financial needs