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Arelle® is a project providing the XBRL community with an easy-to-use open source platform and toolkit for XBRL. Arelle® is written in Python, licensed under the Apache License. Arelle® has following characteristics:

  • XBRL functionalities are accessible either from a rich client tool, the Arelle User Interface, or, from the command line, or, as a web server, through REST services. Command line is useful to run heavy tasks, like validation, in batch mode. 
    These interfaces offer agility for integrating XBRL processes into any software architecture.

  • Arelle is available on Windows (64bits), macOS and Linux platforms.

  • Arelle is totally driven by taxonomy specifications that are loaded at runtime. As significant result, whenever a new version of a taxonomy or a new taxonomy is released, it is automatically supported by Arelle.

Such properties are very much appreciated but provides very little help to filers when drafting European XBRL reports.

It is the reason why Acsone chose to provide drafting capabilities and specificities to better supporting the European taxonomies designed by the EBA (CRD IV and SRB), the EIOPA (Solvency II and IORP II), the ESMA (ESEF), the Standard Business Reporting or the National Specific Templates. Drafting capabilities are built on XBRL table and presentation linkbase specifications. It works in the same way whatever the taxonomy.

These improvements are Acsone's property.

Hereafter we present native Arelle® project features in comparison with the features added by Acsone.

Arelle® Acsone Edition
Arelle User Interface drafting support
Create and edit native XBRL reports for taxonomies using table linkbases
Copy/Paste from spreadsheet (Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc.) to Arelle and vice versa
Support for edition of XBRL TUPLES and footnotes
Improvements for edition (Tooltips to display long labels, content of drop down lists, tab names, etc.)
Support for editing open X/Y/Z axis (deletion of line/column)
Search for taxanomy labels and fact values
Hide/Display XBRL taxonomy information
Spreadsheet support (Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc.) for drafting
Export one/selection/all table(s) into XLSX formatted file ( Excel)
Import one/selection/all table(s) from XLSX file into XBRL
XBRL control over imported values
XBRL validation report in  XLSX formatted file (with contextual references)
Control of the imported values
XBRL validation
Formula linkbase support
Dynamic uploading of formula specifications
Support of filing rules by add-in
XBRL validation for whole report through Command Line or User Interface
Contextual display of validation errors
Activation/deactivation of validation rules
List of active formulae, selection of formula and display of formula execution times
Nice features to control XBRL characteristics
Controled display of XBRL taxonomy properties (DTS, concepts, Formulae, Presentation Linkbase, Dimensions, Rendering, Facts, Tables, calculation, Footntes)
Display raw fact values
Highlight facts present in different tables, list the tables and switch between tables
Highlight facts with footnotes, list the footnotes
EBA features
Support for the EBA disclosure system
Support for filing indicators
Wizard for creation of EBA report
Enforcement of the constraints on figures from EBA disclosure system
EIOPA features
Support for EIOPA disclosure system
Support for filing indicators
Wizard for creation of Solvency II report
Enforcement of the constraints on figures from EIOPA disclosure system
National Authories support
Save as file following the CSSF file naming conventions
CSSF plausibility checks
Save as file following the CAA file naming conventions
Save as file following OneGate NBB file structure
XBRL specification support
Support for Dimension/Formula/Table/Presentation/Computation Linkbases
Support for taxonomy packages