Odoo Open Days 2014

Acsone participates!

Castiaux, Jean-Christophe*

Odoo Open Days 2014

Acsone participates!

Brussels, May 30, 2014 – As confirmed Odoo Gold Partner, Acsone sponsors the OpenDays that will take place in Louvain-La-Neuve from June 4 to 6.

The event will consist of demos, workshops and conferences packed with useful information. On June 4th specifically, Acsone will perform one business talk and one technical talk:

  • Stéphane Bidoul, Operations Director of Acsone, and Vincent Van Osta, System and Network Architect and Administrator at Ecolo, will be sharing key insights about the development of an application to manage the Human Resources (militants and representatives) in order to replace the current and more than 10 years old internal application.
  • Laurent Mignon, Senior Software Engineer and Architect in the Odoo Competency Centre at Acsone, will explain how to automatically configure your Python development environment in 5 minutes.

OpenERP becomes Odoo.

Over the years OpenERP has been continuously evolving to better serve its customers. It started as an ERP and transformed into a global management software. Today, OpenERP is a complete Suite of Business Applications and management solutions, used by millions of users worldwide.

The word ERP no longer fully captures the company and product identity and new horizons. After careful considerations, it has been decided to change the name from OpenERP to Odoo, to reflect these new horizons. The core values of Open Source remain unchanged, but the business has to move one step forward.

Acsone is Odoo Gold Partner

Based on its successful results, Acsone has become Gold Partner to serve its customers in Belgium and Luxembourg. Acsone offers business solutions to its customers, from SME’s to large organizations, from the public and private sectors, with the same quality.

Acsone has gathered functional and technical Odoo expertise and experience within a more than 10 people competency centre to better capitalize this fast-growing knowledge for the benefit of its customers.

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