Odoo Experience and OCA Days 2019

A fast growing Open Source ERP and Community

Marionex, Sandra*

Odoo Experience 2019 is over! already the 7th participation for Acsone!

This great Odoo event has taken place again in Louvain-La-Neuve. This year, nearly 4000 registrations! It was preceded by #OCADays, a two days Community Sprint and mini conference which was an equal success with almost 200 developers participating.

Odoo is the management software the most installed in the world. It is used by more than 3.700.000 users from one person start-ups to very large companies (300,000+ users).

Acsone is a leading Belgian and Luxembourguish Gold Partner and offers you a professional Odoo compentency center to help you to set up your Odoo solution or improve it for a better company management.

Acsone is proud to bring to the market a capacity to address large Odoo projects, with for instance a successful deployment at the largest employer of Wallonia.

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Focus on Document Management: Alfodoo

Already presented last year, Alfoodoo remains our flagship solution to manage documents inside Odoo. Result of the best integration of Alfresco within Odoo, Alfodoo allows to very easily access Alfresco's features into Odoo. Clearly a valuable opportunity for any companies to have one of the best solution for a document centralization. 

ShopInvader - E-commerce solution

ShopInvader is a modern, dynamic and easy to use e-commerce solution based on Odoo.

If you are not satified with slow, heavy and hard to maintain integrations between Magento and Odoo, and you are hesitating of deploying your e-commerce web site inside your ERP, the innovative ShopInvader architecture is the solutions you are looking for.

ShopInvader has been invented by Akretion, a French Odoo Integrator and strong contributor in the Odoo Community Association. Acsone immediatly saw the potential of the solution, and partnered with Akretion to evolve and mature the solution. Acsone was proud to present several customer success stories with ShopInvader at Odoo Experience this year.

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#OCAdays sprint and mini-conference

This year we could witness the growth of the Odoo Community with a great turnout at the OCA sprint and mini-conference that took place on Monday and Tuesday.
ACSONE was proud to sponsor and actively contribute to this important event for the community, with 10 colleagues participating in the Sprint and Laurent Mignon and Stéphane Bidoul animating several talks and workshops on MIS Builder, the REST Framework, using GraphQL in Odoo and the Shopinvader training.

No doubt that together were are strong!

Current and future “Odooers”, it is clearly a not to miss event! Mark your calendars for next year!