Odoo Experience 2015 is over, see you next year

Acsone awarded Best Contributor 2015

Bidoul, St├ęphane*

Odoo Experience 2015 is over 

A recap of an intense week for our Odoo team

OCA Sprint

The week started with the OCA sprint which was held on Monday and Tuesday. A team of 50 contributors gathered to contribute to a diversity of projects including stock and logistics, the connector framework, the continuous integration infrastructure, documentation, tests and much more. Acsone led the accounting and banking table, and actively participated in the geospatial and project and services tables.

It is important to note that such sprints are not attended exclusively by techies. Functional consultants also contributed actively to documentation and testing. This is made possible thanks to an excellent continuous integration infrastructure (the OCA runbot), allowing easy access for testing new feature by non-technical people.

An excellent organisation thanks to a great OCA staff led to a very successful sprint, and inspired several new contributors.

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Three days of conference

The conference started on Wednesday with a keynote by Fabien Pinckaers who introduced the new features of the upcoming Odoo Version 9, such as

  • an easier to use accounting system, including a new reporting engine,
  • a new responsive user interface,
  • a new timesheet system with mobile and offline support,
  • major improvements to the web site and e-commerce builder,
  • and much more.

Many great talks followed, showing new Odoo features in details, providing valuable feedback by customers and users, and teaching development techniques.

Presentations by Acsone and its customers were well received. The slides are available for the Mozaik project (the Ecolo political party management), the Luxembourg Institute of Health business case, the Management Information System Builder module, and the Online Help module.

General Assembly of the 
Odoo Community Association 

The Odoo Community Association, or OCA, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.

En marge of the conference, the Odoo Community Association held its second annual general assembly. The vote took place electronically in the 2 weeks preceding the conference.

Activity report, financial reports, budget and bylaws changes have been approved by the delegates. The 9 board members and 3 financial auditors have been elected.

As part of this process, Stéphane Bidoul, co-founder and Operations Director of Acsone, has been elected as a new OCA board member.

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The conference also had a fun part, including a musical performance by Odoo staff and barbecues. 

During the now traditional awards ceremony, Acsone is proud to:

  • have been nominated for the award of the Best Partner EMEA among 4 of 350+ partners, and 
  • have been awarded the Best Contributor among 550+ partners worldwide as an additional testimonial of the high-quality of our functional and technical contributions, as well as our deep involvement in the community.