New office since December 2019!

New, modern and nature oriented, the best place for sustainable IT Developments

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Second and new office location in Belgium for Acsone

Since December 2019, Acsone has been opening a new office in the eastern part of Belgium, in Liège. 

The new premises are located Quai Banning in the rehabiliated architectural ensemble of modernist style on the riverbanks of the Meuse, called the Val-Benoit. This complex has been built between 1930 and 1965 by the University of Liège and is now in a complete rehabiliation process as the University moved to the Sart Timan in 1967.

The rehabilitation has been initiated by the SPI, the economic development agency for the province of Liège, that decides, with the collaboration of the city of Liège, to create an innovative economic pole (light production companies, offices, business center, co-working space, etc.) with more than twenty hectares in a classic park.

Modern and open
Like Acsone, the site is modern and open, dedicated to new technologies and continuous developments.
Val-Benoit will also be the most suitable nest for launching its brand new e-Commerce solutions.

Business open-minded

Acsone extends its compentency center of open-source developments to public and industry sectors in this new center of innovations.
Acsone offers service proximity to its current and future customers in the neighbourhoods of Liège.

Share of experiences and ideas

Acsone integrates an ultra-connected activity center with its other locations to maintain and guarantee high-level services for its ever more demanding customers throughout Belgium, Luxembourg, France and many more countries.