Acsone at the XBRL2015 Conference  in Copenhagen, Denmark

8th-10th September, 2015

Marionex, Sandra*
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Acsone participates to the next XBRL Event in Copenhagen

The 2015 XBRL International Conference will cover the latest ways in which regulators, policy makers and financial leaders are making the most of structured data. 
For more than 25 years, Acsone has had a long experience in implementing mission critical projects, especially by exploiting the XML standard and technology.
According to us, the strongest asset of Arelle is its approach to consider XBRL processes and production chains as generic processes. On the long term, it is the most efficient strategy to give small and medium enterprises access to XBRL technologies. Since we are convinced that Open Source initiatives are the best choices to build generic, flexible and affordable tools, we are actively participating into the development of the Arelle project.
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Thursday September 10, 2015 - Quick fire software demonstration

On Thursday September 10th, Jean-Paul Daisomont, Head of Digital Business Reporting, will detail during the Quick fire software demonstrations all the technical innovations brought to Arelle, the opensource solution to manage the edition and validation processes of EBA (European Banking Authority) XBRL instances in a safe and user-friendly manner.